2016 Annual Conference

Illinois Association of Free & Charitable Clinics’ 2016 ANNUAL CONFERENCE: “Meeting the Need”

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Over 80 clinic leaders from 27 Illinois clinics gathered at Starved Rock to share experiences, solve challenges and identify new resources. Workshop sessions addressed a wide variety of topics relevant to all types of free and charitable clinics, including:

Strategies for Controlling Hypertension in Challenging Situations Keynote presentation by Dr. George Bakris – Slide Presentation

Let’s Talk About Texts, Baby! Utilizing Care Message to communicate with and stay connected to patients – Slide Presentation & Handout

The Train Has Left The Station: Collecting and aggregating patient health outcomes data – Slide Presentation

Taking it for Granted: Raising funds from foundations – Slide Presentation

Building a Culture of Volunteerism Slide Presentation and Top Tips for Working with Volunteers – Handout

Healing through Health Education: Assessment and interventions for patients with depressive symptoms – Slide Presentation

Dental Access: Adding Services and Creating Partnerships Sarah Bush Lincoln – Slide Presentation

Immigrants Health Access in Illinois Slide Presentation, Handout on ACA for Immigrants, Handout on Healthcare Assistance for Immigrants in Illinois, Handout on Healthy Communities Cook County (HC3)

Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) & Liability Insurance HRSA – Slide Presentation

Communicating Progress through Metrics & DashboardsSlide Presentation

The Annual Conference is generously supported by grants from: