IAFCC’s work would not be possible with the support of our committees. Our committees are made up of staff of our member clinics and work hard to brainstorm new and exciting ideas for our programming. At this time, IAFCC has 3 committees which are all open to new members in order to diversify ideas! If you are a Member of IAFCC and are interested in joining a committee, please e-mail Melissa Maguire at

The Advocacy and Policy Committee is responsible for guiding the Association in advocating for and developing policies that address the health care gaps of the underserved in Illinois. A priority of the committee will be to advocate for policies and resources that support Free and Charitable Clinics in Illinois as a valuable member of Illinois’ safety net. The committee meets every third Wednesday of the month at 11 am and is open to all members.

The Fund Development Committee is responsible for supporting the mission of the IAFCC by providing guidance with respect to the vision, goal setting, and deliverables for the state association. The committee meets every second Wednesday of the month at 8 am.

The Conference Committee is responsible for overseeing the IAFCC Annual Conference. Activities include guiding content as well as securing speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and resources for the conference. The Committee also assists in planning the logistics for the conference. Additionally, the committee provides leadership and support during the conference.