This page is to share the various initiatives that IAFCC has been a part of.

IDROP (Medication Access Overview)

With the help of the (IDROP) Coalition, the Illinois Drug Reuse Opportunity Program Act was signed into law at the start of 2022, allowing for drug donation and reuse in Illinois. This increased access to medications for our free and charitable clinics. To help implement this law, an IAFCC VISTA and a representative from SIRUM visited nine IAFCC clinics to better understand where they were at in terms of medication access and donations as well as creating next steps on how to better streamline this process. 

One way IAFCC has been streamlining this process is by creating a medication resource page. To view the medication resource page, click HERE:

MAVEN Project

Thanks to grant funding from VNA Foundation and support from IAFCC, MAVEN Project’s expert physician volunteers are available to health care providers at six FCCs in the greater Chicago area. Through medical consultations, medical education and mentoring, MAVEN Project makes specialty care more accessible for patients served by the FCCs. If you would like to read more about the partnership between MAVEN Project, IAFCC, and VNA Foundation, click here:  

If you want to see a video of the impact MAVEN Project has had on IAFCC, click here: (Or just add the video into the website)

The annual fee is 2750 dollars, but when part of IAFCC members can get 750 dollars off. If you would like to join MAVEN, click HERE: or email Meredith Schanda at

Public Health Updates

Here is a resource to help clinics understand about Illinois Medicaid, how to streamline a way for patients to sign up for Medicaid, and how Free and Charitable Clinics can address the gaps of Medicaid. 

Here is a resource to help clinics understand the coronavirus and the influenza. They will learn the background, how to prevent, and how to test for these two viruses. Furthermore, they will learn how medicaid, the uninsured, and the underinsured plays a role in receiving vaccinations as well as how IAFCC is an important role to the vaccination program. 

Substance Use and Behavioral Health

The Opioid Resource Toolkit and Quick Sheet were developed by the IAFCC in response to the ongoing Opioid Crisis in Illinois and nationwide. Both resources aim to equip providers, volunteers, patients, friends & family, and community members with the knowledge and resources needed to stay up to date on Opioid screenings, treatments, best practices, and education. IAFCC hopes that free and charitable clinics and their communities can benefit from the information provided and be able to expand their ability to assist individuals with substance use disorders.