Substance Use and Behavioral Health Initiatives

Behavioral Health Workgroup

The Illinois Association of Free and Charitable Clinics invites you to join us in the formation of a Behavioral Health Workgroup for under and uninsured populations in the state of Illinois. 

The goal of this workgroup will be to identify, discuss, and address challenges under and uninsured populations in Illinois face in receiving behavioral health treatment and care, as well as, equitable, effective, and achievable long-term solutions. The free and charitable clinic sector has continued to serve as ultimate safety-net organizations for underserved populations that have faced enormous challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, the need for behavioral health services, including mental health services, substance use treatments, addiction recovery, community education, and harm reduction initiatives, has grown exponentially. As we come together to address these needs, we believe that you and/or your organization would be an invaluable asset to the mission of this workgroup. We hope this workgroup will ultimately be composed of community members from all walks of life, with clinical, administrative, and lived experiences. As such we ask you to consider joining us in this promising initiative and sharing this opportunity with your networks. ALL ARE WELCOME.

If you are interested in joining the IAFCC Behavioral Health workgroup, please email

The Opioid Project

The IAFCC Opioid Resource Toolkit and Quick Sheet

The Opioid Resource Toolkit and Quick Sheet were developed by the IAFCC in response to the ongoing Opioid Crisis in Illinois and nationwide. Both resources aim to equip providers, volunteers, patients, friends & family, and community members with the knowledge and resources needed to stay up to date on Opioid screenings, treatments, best practices, and education.

IAFCC hopes that free and charitable clinics and their communities can benefit from the information provided and be able to expand their ability to assist individuals with substance use disorders.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the Opioid Resource Toolkit or Quick Sheet please contact us at!

The IAFCC Opioid Project would like to acknowledge the following funders and partnerships supporting this effort.


Workgroup Partnership Organizations

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