2022-2027 Strategic Plan

A High Level Summary

Finance & Fundraising
Membership Enhancement

Diversify revenue streams to support expansion of operations and achieve organizational sustainability

  • Maintaining state funding, organizational partnerships, and developing funding streams
  • Capacity building and sustainability projects  all with the goal to increase visibility and credibility in the sector.

Develop incentives and benefits to IAFCC Membership to continue to bring resources, funds, and talents to the table to advance the needs of the sector.

  • Build legislative relationships and visibility
  • Increase opportunities for connections between IAFCC board members, clinic leaders, staff, and stakeholders
Board Development & Recruitment
Advancing Racial Justice & Social Determinants of Health

Strengthen board operations and member development to maximize organizational impact

  • Advance board recruitment strategies
  • Develop board advisory council by trusted minds in the sector

Develop and advance a racial justice agenda that encompasses social determinants of health and maximizes impact across the membership network

  • Integrate anti-racist and racial justice into all operations and initiatives
  • Align with entities that support a racial justice agendas and develop a legislative agenda

A Message from the Executive Director

A Deeper Dive into the Strategic Plan