Starting a Free Clinic?

A free clinic begins where there is a community of mission-driven, compassionate leaders with a desire to help the uninsured. There are several key factors that must be identified before you consider opening a free clinic:

Needs Assessment: Does the community need a free clinic? Are there other resources in place – Federal or State Health Centers, Health Departments, others – that already serve the uninsured?

Community Support: Will the community support the clinic – will they volunteer their time, donate their money, advocate for the clinic?

A “Champion”: Almost all successful free clinics have a clinic “Champion”, someone who is passionate about serving the uninsured. Typically, this person is a medical provider – but it doesn’t have to be.

Hospital Support: Additionally, successful free clinics have the active support of their local hospitals, including serving on the clinic Board, providing in-kind lab work and other services, encouraging medical providers to volunteer, and providing financial support.

A Diverse, Active Board: Successful clinics have Boards that represent a cross-section of the community, and are active Boards – they volunteer, participate, and donate – 100%.

If these pieces are in place — or well into development — and you would like to take the next step, let us know! We can connect you to an established clinic for peer support.