Clinic Search

Through the efforts of the IAFCC and others, approximately 42 free and charitable clinics have been identified in Illinois. These clinics are distributed across Chicago, the collar counties and rural Illinois.

The majority of free and charitable clinics serve adults who are uninsured, low income, and who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. Free and charitable clinics offer a variety of health care services, including medical, dental and pharmacy services. Free and charitable clinics are especially able to connect patients to pharmacy services. Each clinic has its own unique mix of services and offerings. For more about free and charitable clinics, click here. If you are interested in starting a free clinic, read more here.

If you are looking for dental or oral health care, we recommend looking for a clinic at either the Chicago Dental Society or DentaQuest (Look for “Find a Provider” button in upper right-hand corner) websites. They can help you identify clinics that accept Medicare, Medicaid and/or have a sliding fee scale.