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The MAVEN Project

The MAVEN Project is in its second year of partnership with the IAFCC, aligning on a shared commitment to improve the quality and access of health care to medically underserved communities. The MAVEN Project supports front-line providers in underserved communities by linking them with experienced volunteer physician specialists via telehealth for remote medical consultations, educational sessions, and clinical and leadership mentoring aimed at increasing patient access to care, improving clinical outcomes, and enhancing provider knowledge. MAVEN is currently serving five IAFCC member clinics; Bolingbrook Christian Health Center, Chicago Women’s Health Center, Family Health Partnership Clinic, The Night Ministry, and Will-Grundy Medical Clinic. The MAVEN Project looks forward to continuing to work with the IAFCC and supporting the most vulnerable communities in the state of Illinois.

“Thank you so much!  It was a huge help to be able to get some help on these two patients.  They both would have probably been referred to the ER otherwise.”

“Physician was very helpful as our patients do not have access to Rheumatology specialists as they are uninsured and do not have funds for out of pocket copays.”

-MAVEN project users


Sponsored by a grant from AmeriCares, IAFCC is collaborating with WAFCC to provide Illinois and Wisconsin free clinics with resources and funding to launch or improve telehealth initiatives.


The FORE telehealth program aims to provide funding to clinics to improve telehealth services for patients experiencing Opioid Use Disorder. IAFCC and FORE both hope to take learnings from the program to their respective fields for future consideration.