2017 Clinics Month

2017 was a very important year as we continued to increase awareness of the need for amazing work by the clinics. For the past two years, IAFCC has sponsored Free and Charitable Clinics Week.

The objectives of Free and Charitable Clinics Month are to reach new patients; to maintain relationships with donors and supporters, and to increase recognition from local elected officials. You can host/coordinate a special event or highlight a special service that your clinic provides to the community. Examples of successful past efforts for clinics to consider include A1C and Cholesterol screening; clinic open houses/tours; speaker or panel presentations; a table at a community event; dental or health screenings; educational classes and workshops. You can do something “new and different”, or focus on promoting your clinic in your community.

The IAFCC Clinic Month Committee worked hard on organizing the 2017 Clinic Month. IAFCC is grateful for the outstanding committee members: Jennifer Hou (HeRMES), Janet Nelson (St. Clares), Ornella Ngamboma (Champaign Christian Health Center), Tedd Peso (The Night Ministry), Megan Phillip (CommunityHealth), and Shawn West (Will Grundy Clinic).

2017 calendar

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