Free & Charitable Clinics Month

Free and Charitable Clinics Month is when we support clinics to help strengthen the safety net in healthcare. These clinics provide healthcare to individuals who are uninsured, underinsured, and patients who can’t receive quality healthcare.

Gaps in our healthcare system remain – and free and charitable clinics are working hard to strengthen the safety net.

We are looking forward to our 2022 Free and Charitable Clinics Month to continue spreading awareness of the amazing mission of our sector. As a member clinic, this month is used to highlight your clinic individually and define your place in the Illinois Association. As an association, we will ask for your help to join us as we raise our voices to be heard and inform our communities and key stakeholders of the powerful gap FCCs fill for our healthcare system.

If you have any questions about participating in Free and Charitable Clinics month next year, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Melissa Maguire (

Together, we can expand our impact, creatively implement new ideas, and work to build the sector.

To read the House and Senate Resolutions that mark August as Free and Charitable Clinics Month please click the buttons below

Please feel free to download our FCCM Tool kit for helpful information about August and how to spread the word! Click on the link here

Check out this interview with Representative Mah:

We would like to say thank you to Representative Theresa Mah for doing an interview with us on July 27, 2022. As she continues to be a champion for free & charitable clinics month through her support and fight for state funding. 

“I believe healthcare should be accessible to everyone, there are quite a few people who are uninsured or underinsured and we need a system that can help those people when they need to seek healthcare,” said Representative Theresa Mah, Illinois State Representative.”

“Healthcare access has been a high priority for me as an elected official. We have Medicaid, qualified health centers, and private providers, but we know that the network doesn’t serve everyone, therefore, I want to be able to serve everyone,” said Representative Mah. 

Representative Thresa Mah helped push a resolution that commemorates August as Free & Charitable Clinics month. To read more about this resolution, you can click the link here

Not only has Representative Mah helped pass this resolution, but she also has supported the network of clinics by securing $9 million in state money to support the clinics around the state. 

Also, she does work in her district throughout the year with different clinics to help spread awareness. 

“When I go to these events, I spread that information around and that people know the availability of these services,” said Representative Mah. “One of the things I will be doing this year for free & charitable clinics month is that I will be taking a tour to the two clinics that are closest to me and then I’ll be sharing it on social media to promote them.” 

Representative Mah then goes on to discuss the importance of dedicating August as free & charitable clinics month. 

“It’s necessary to have a special time period to focus people’s attention on free & charitable clinics, so they know the availability of these clinics and their services,” said Representative Mah. “So if they need these services they’ll know where to go and that they can access healthcare.” 

So, what are the plans for free & charitable clinics month and how can we continue to spread awareness?

“I hope to get more of my colleagues to be aware of free & charitable clinics month, and if there are free clinics in their area, hopefully, they can follow my lead and take a tour to help spread the word,” said Representative Mah. “I would like to sponsor resolutions for free and charitable clinics every year, and I will continue to fight for the funding to assure that these clinics can stay in existence and add to their network.”

If you want to learn more ways to spread awareness about free & charitable clinics month, please check out the IAFCC toolkit which is available at this link: toolkit. 

“The earlier certain issues get addressed, the better the outcome,” said Representative Mah.

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