Free & Charitable Clinics Month

Gaps in our healthcare system remain – and free and charitable clinics are working hard to help fill those gaps.

We are looking forward to our 2022 Free and Charitable Clinics Month to continue spreading awareness of the amazing mission of our sector. As a member clinic, this month is used to highlight your clinic individually and define your place in the Illinois Association. As an association, we will ask for your help to join us as we raise our voices to be heard and inform our communities and key stakeholders of the powerful gap FCCs fill for our healthcare system.

If you have any questions about participating in Free and Charitable Clinics month next year, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Melissa Maguire (

Together, we can expand our impact, creatively implement new ideas, and work to build the sector.

To see Representative Mah’s remarks for Free and Charitable Clinics Month, follow this link