Benefits of Membership

We are better together. Stronger. Resilient. Connected. We are you.

The Illinois Association of Free & Charitable Clinics is of clinics, by clinics and for clinics. Free standing or mobile, one day a week or seven days a week, brand new or well established – we are a powerful collection of unique community responses to local needs.

“The IAFCC membership provides us the opportunity to be a part of the larger healthcare safety net in Illinois. Through our membership, we can learn from other clinic expertise, create a shared voice for the critical work we all do in our communities and ultimately strengthen the services we provide to uninsured individuals in our community.”

Angie McLaughlin, Executive Director
Community Health Care Clinic

Clinic Member Benefits

Networking, Training, Access to Best Practices

  • Receive discounted fee for Annual Conference
  • Connect and collaborate with other clinics in your area! Member clinics can share their expertise with others, and receive peer assistance to enhance capacity
  • Gain access to helpful links and documents posted in the Members Only section of this website. Get your questions answered on common challenges: medication access, fundraising, nonprofit liability insurance, equipment and supplies resources
  • Member clinics are eligible to participate in our new Quality Improvement Working Group or Advocacy Committee – or simply receive updates, information and resources from these efforts
  • Members can participate in the associations Quality Improvement project, an effort to track patient data over time
  • Receive discounts to IAFCC meetings that are rich with learning opportunities for your staff, volunteers and Board members
  • Receive advice regarding Board development, volunteer management, technology, clinic operations, grant development and more. If you have a question and we don’t know the answer, we will find someone who does.
  • Members will receive state wide publicity and mini grants for participating in the annual Free Clinics Week

Funding Opportunities

  • IAFCC connects clinics with potential donors and open doors for other types of revenue
  • Member clinics can apply for and receive grants to pay for Electronic Medical Records selection, purchase, installation, training, hardware and computers, scanners and printers
  • Receive information and tips for engaging funders from foundations to individual donors specific to the needs of your own organization

Advocacy & Collective Voice

  • Vote on key decisions regarding IAFCC’s priorities and its future
  • Be highlighted in our conversations with elected officials and funders
  • Demonstrate the value IAFCC represents for your clinic

Associate Member Benefits

  • Be eligible to participate in educational webinars and on-line discussions
  • Receive discounts to IAFCC meetings
  • Gain access to helpful links and documents posted in the Members Only section of this website
  • Receive legislative updates
  • Network with leaders from Illinois’ free and charitable clinics

If you have questions regarding membership or benefits, contact us.